Hello! We need your help…

Most major medical organisations in Britain have signed a document that contains a number of statements that are demonstrably wrong. These statements concern important issues such as medical education and the availability of data from clinical trials

The guidelines…

  • claim data from industry sponsored trials are publicly available
  • claim drug company sales representatives are a useful source of information for ambien professionals
  • and are really positive about the role that these companies can play in the provision of medical education

This website describes the evidence that contradicts this.

In signing this document, the organisations listed below have made a mistake. However, many are led by good and thoughtful people. We are confident that they will do the right thing.

This website – an initiative led by doctors and medical students – describes why these claims are wrong, why they matter and what you can do about it,
whether you are a member of the public, a consultant neurosurgeon or anything
in between.


We are calling on the British Medical Association, several medical royal colleges, the Department of Health and others to publicly withdraw support for the document

The groups who have signed this misleading document include the Medical Schools Council and buy phentermine 37.5 mg online at http://www.adderallxronline.com/phentermine we understand that the MSC are meeting this week to discuss these guidelines. We are calling on the Medical Schools Council to publicly withdraw support for the document Guidance on collaboration between healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry. Medical students! Show your support by signing our petition.

You can have a look at a copy of the guidelines with our thoughts on the page entitled: The guidelines and the claims.


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